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International Policy 2015 2016

Global Awareness and the International Dimension


Priory Woods School and Art College

This policy sets out our approach to promoting a cross-curricular and whole school approach to developing global awareness in our pupils and creating an international dimension in our school

1.  Introduction

      The governors and staff of Priory Woods School recognise that:

  • Global issues are an important part of the lives of our pupils. Children are living in a world where global economies are increasingly interdependent and global communication is a daily reality.  Our pupils have access to the internet and increased opportunity to travel, watch news stories from around the world and follow, for example, international sporting events as they happen.
  • The global dimension should be reflected in the attitudes and values of our pupils, the ethos of our school and the curriculum we follow.

2. Aims

At Priory Woods, through our approach to global and international issues, we aim to enable our pupils to

  • know and understand more about global issues and the impact they have on local and  individual decisions and actions
  • understand that decisions and actions taken individually and locally have an impact globally
  • celebrate the rich and diverse heritage represented both in our school and in local and national communities and to value and respect different cultures and beliefs
  • enjoy regular contact with pupils and adults living in different countries and cultures

3. Global Awareness in Action

3.1 We recognize that the eight key concepts below can be used as a framework to think about the Global Dimension in school.   They act as ‘lenses’ through which issues can be viewed in each curriculum area; they are also themes for whole school policy and action.   

  1. diversity – understanding and respecting differences and relating these to our common humanity
  2. conflict resolution – understanding the nature of conflicts and their impact on development 
  3. global citizenship – becoming informed, active, responsible global citizens
  4. human rights – knowing about human rights and the UN Rights of the Child
  5. interdependence – understanding how people, places, economies and environments are linked
  6. social justice – understanding the importance of social justice for everyone’s welfare
  7. sustainable development – understanding the need to maintain and improve the quality of life now without damaging the planet for the future
  8. values and perceptions – understanding different perspectives on global issues 

Source DfES 2005 ‘Developing the global dimension in the school curriculum’

3.2 Through the whole school curriculum plan, we provide a range of opportunities to explore the global dimension within each curriculum area at an appropriate level for each part of the school.

3.3 Through our whole-school initiatives we aim to:

  • Develop and fully exploit a variety of global learning partnerships, for example

1. email and internet projects, including video conferencing.

2. interacting with visitors from other countries both pupils & adults.

3. pupil/staff visits to places of cultural interest abroad.

  • Make provision for the study of a modern foreign language where appropriate, thinking about the ability of the children involved and their cognitive awareness.
  • Organize regular celebrations of our rich and diverse heritage
  • Ensure our assembly programme includes opportunities to learn about and reflect on global issues
  • Provide opportunities for children to ‘make a difference’ through projects, events and initiatives run by the school in partnership with external agencies
  • Ensure our school display encourages engagement with global issues and celebrates our multi-cultural society.

4. Policy Context

Our international policy complements and contributes to our work in other key aspects of the school’s work.  Priory Woods is committed to:

  • Promoting equality   - see Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Tackling racism         - see Anti-Racist Policy
  • Pupil participation     - see School Council Constitution
  • Conflict resolution     - see SEAL programme

5. Monitoring the Policy

As part of the monitoring of the Global Dimension at Priory Woods, we are committed to becoming and remaining an International School achieving recognition though the ISA.

Annual reviews of both our formal and informal curriculum will enable us to develop each of the eight Key Concepts of the global dimension.    

Updates will be presented to governors.

Policy dated:  November 2015

Policy reviewed: October 2016                

This policy has been informed by the two DfES publications: 'Developing the Global Dimension in the School Curriculum' DfES 1409-2005DOC-EN and 'Putting the World into World-Class Education' DfES/1077/2004 PPEDW/D16/5819/1104/14